The President's Corner

Greetings! I am Ciara Montgomery, a senior studying Industrial & Systems Engineering at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and I am serving as President for the 2016-2017 school year. This year our NSBE chapter stands on the motto: “Behold Synergy”, striving to progressively change the current culture of our chapter by equipping our national-membership with the tools and resources to be agents of global change. As a chapter we want to ensure we are producing active and influential individuals.

Imagine a container labeled NSBE 1213; begin placing the expertise, diverse skills set, values and personalities of each of our national-membership into this container. As each member contributes himself or herself to this one container the value added is increased. This then gives us the ability to increase the impact we can make on society. We are also able to support one another in areas that one may be weak or seek to gain more knowledge about.

For our chapter, synergy is a combination of individuals with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and thought processes that come together to support one another in achieving a common goal. Therefore, suggesting the optimization of this common goal cannot be achieved without the influence of all involved parties.

As president I am leading initiatives to increase our synergy so that so when we are called to action, we are prepared, equipped and ready to serve.

Ciara Montgomery

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