The President's Corner

Welcome all!

My name is Alyssa Williams and I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering Student serving as your President for this school year. My vision for this year is RESURGENCE and I am striving to develop you all into dynamic engineers for your personal growth and development.

This school year, my hard working executive board and I are providing you with an extensive coding workshop series to boost your software development skills. Every company you interact with in our current society will require computational thinking and/or computer science. We have recognized this and want you to take advantage of this priceless resource.

To further stimulate your growth, we are investing in you through strengthening the pipeline. From youth through senior year of college, it is imperative that we have effective mentors to provide us with resources to be successful in STEM. The support system I gained when I joined NSBE freshman year is the reason I have my current opportunities and emotional and technical intelligence.

Please take advantage of the new extended Shadow Program that will kick off in late October and continue through to next May. This program is open to all majors and classifications in which you will receive knowledge about thriving in STEM from students who have experience in succeeding.

Overall, we will provide you all more than your degree can: resources, mentorship, an emotional support system, technical skill development, leadership opportunities and much more! Stay connected with NSBE this school year and I know will you be grateful for every interaction you have with us.


Alyssa Williams

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