43rd Annual Convention

March 29 - April 02, 2017 Kansas City, MO

NSBE 2025’s Vision is to create a world in which engineering is a mainstream term used in homes and communities of color. A world were all Black students can envision themselves as engineers. This vision is being fulfilled through NSBE’s goal of graduating 10,000 Black engineers a year by 2025. How do we get from now to our goal in? We do that by “Engineering Your Foundation” at NSBE’s 43rd Annual Convention in Kansas City, Mo.

NSBE’s 43rd Annual Convention looks to be your catalyst for a strong and solid foundation. A foundation that focuses on how engineers of color are created and retained as we strive to attain NSBE 2025.

Graduating 10,000 Black engineers is achieved through setting your individual foundation. No one formula works for every Black pre-college, collegiate, or professional engineer to get to NSBE 2025. This year’s convention theme is designed to focus on YOU and YOUR Individual needs.

You can expect programming that will focus on the 3 pillars of NSBE’s Mission:

Join us March 29th to April 2nd for #NSBE43 and work toward “Engineering Your Foundation” in Kansas City, Mo. We will be 12,000 DEEP in the Vanguard Region, so do not miss out on this Annual Convention.

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How to Get In

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Travel and Lodging

Our chapter will be staying in a 4-star hotel for 5 days and 4 nights. The total cost is $475. We are accepting payments via *PayPal and in person. Payments can be made in installments, however, the total balance is due by Feb. 16th

To make a payment on PayPal, please select an installment from the dropdown menu and then click "Pay Now":

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*All transactions made via PayPal will incur a 4% transaction fee

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